Books from an eccentric corner of storytelling, what might be called... Poeland

Stories of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary and sometimes dangerous circummstances, and of the mercurial nature of family and kinship in the 21st century.

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The Langdon Codex

Two friends, one white, the other black, discover a solid silver lock-box hidden in an antique desk and, on impulse, one of them decides to steal it. Inside is a sheaf of papers bound with twine. Assuming the papers to be nothing more than a worthless diary, they toss them aside but soon discover their mistake. The manuscript is in fact a previously unknown sequel to Mark Twain's novel, Huckleberry Finn. When the box is stolen, the men set out to find it and redeem themselves, encountering prejudice and bigotry along the way that parallels Twain's story and leads them to a shocking truth about their own shared past.


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The Fourth Book of Five

"...playfully surreal but enthralling..." - Kirkus Review

Thirteen-year-old Nicolai Tate is tired of running. Homeless and pursued by the authorities, he is befriended by an old man seemingly able to see into the future and soon finds himself living in a boarding house full of misfits. There he encounters an unemployed drifter, Truman Birdsong, also without a home. Together, they forge an unlikely partnership.


Dodging children’s services and thugs hired by two wealthy brothers intent on owning the county, they join with the boarding house residents in trying to unravel the truth behind an anti-government militia’s plot. They have little idea the danger they will face. Punctuated by a budding romance, a violent storm and the old man’s belief in the spirit world, the story follows Truman and Nicolai as they struggle to find their way.


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The Long Forgetting

The past has caught up with Maves Van Horn. After receiving a plea for help from a former lover, an affair that ruined his marriage, he enlists his alienated son on a mission to free a young refugee from the grip of a Guatemalan gang. But he soon finds the request fraught with lies and danger. Driven by guilt and the hope of regaining his lover's favor, he traverses the border hinterlands only to discover a terrible truth.


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