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The Langdon Codex


"I loved the prose and the intrigue. Very descriptive story that made the characters come alive. Beautiful imagery. Weaving Huck and Jim with Dun and Onward was masterful. I read late into the evening on several nights! Of course, adding a love story adds to the fun."


"I love his books. They all have been books that you start reading and find it very hard to put down. Rich storyline and great characters - it almost feels like I know them."


The Fourth Book of Five


"The Fourth Book of Five is exceptional! Great character
development. RP Poe's work just keeps getting better!"


In Poe’s (The Long Forgetting, 2016, etc.) dramatic novel, a drifter and a wayward teenager find common ground at a boardinghouse for people with disabilities.

Truman Birdsong has been moving from job to job, tarred by an ex-wife’s false accusation of child molestation. After the Weeks brothers, who own a local plant, renege on a promise of employment, Truman gets an offer from an enigmatic older man, Parfit, who says that Mercer, the owner of a boardinghouse for the disabled, is in need of a hired hand. The few who reside at the boardinghouse include Julius Rose, whose curved spine gives him a perpetual hunch, and Aiden Burns, who’s been blind since the age of 10. Parfit also brings in 13-year-old Nicolai Tate, whose mentally ill mother is in the hospital and whose father is in jail. Both Truman and Julius are wary of having the boy at the boardinghouse, particularly as he’s clearly avoiding a probation officer. But the real threat comes from the locals, who treat the boarders as pariahs and may have formed their own militia group. It turns out that the Weeks brothers have a cache of weapons to arm such a group—and may also have eyes on the boardinghouse’s land. Parfit also makes a cryptic prediction, implying that Nicolai is in danger. Although Poe touches on serious, real-world subjects, such as violent “antigovernment types,” the story also has an otherworldly overtone. Parfit, for instance, seems to have unexplained abilities—at one point suddenly appearing just when Truman and Nicolai need help. Aiden’s odd, verbose speech is an endearing quirk: “You need a moment to think…a moment and no more, no, not a bit,” he tells Julius. There’s a clearly developed theme of fatherhood throughout; Truman, like Nicolai, has an estranged dad, and it’s hard not to see Truman becoming a paternal figure to the teen. The romance between Truman and Kennis McDuff, Nicolai’s probation officer, is also welcome, although that relationship pales in comparison to the bond between the boardinghouse denizens.

A playfully surreal but enthralling story of society’s castoffs.  

In a Hollow Land


"This has been one of those books you hate to put down. Each page expands the
world the author creates and you find yourself pulled in to the story. Great book!"


The Consequent Touch of McHenry Feathers


Midwest Book Review


When a father vanishes from one's life, everything can change in an instant.
 'The Consequent Touch of McHenry Feathers' is a novel exploring the loss of a
dear father, as a young Noll Spencer abandons college to support his mother, an
act that comes with much weight and difficulty. With many intriguing characters
surrounding him, author R. P. Poe puts forth a novel of coping with the weight of
life; very much recommended reading.




"Pulls you right in. Love the style in which it's written. Can't wait to read more by this author."


"There is something for everyone within this book, both men and women will enjoy it. Each character truly has their own unique personality and Poe quickly lets the reader develop a relationship with each one. When I completed the book, I wanted to keep reading more about these characters and where their lives are headed. I didn't want the story to end! There are twists, turns and unexpected situations throughout the book, which led me to having a hard time putting it down. I can't wait to read his other books!"


"These books are great! I live in Texas, and Poe has captured the real Texas. His characters are just like people I know. We're not all big hair and stupid politicians! I hope he keeps writing; I can't wait for the next one!"


"These characters are so interesting! Are all Texans like this? Great story! Where do I get that pearl-handled, chrome-plated .45? And more importantly, will it get me a woman like Nora?? A must read!"


South by Degrees


"South By Degrees is a fascinating story of primarily two people coming together under unusual circumstances. They are part of the same family although not previously well known to each other. R. P. Poe, the author, has a strong sensitivity to people which he conveys extremely well in his writing. The characters are real and natural, and yet they have personality "difficulties," which prevent them from communicating effectively with each other. This book develops this relationship in many unspoken ways.

"The author's development of the setting, south Texas, and his covering so well the "feel" and culture of this area is outstanding! The fishing coastline, the hurricane, the architecture, his descriptions of Galveston island and the atmosphere of the whole area are very well done - he doesn't miss a beat. (Having lived in the area myself, these comments are well founded.)"

"Looking forward to reading his other books. This one is a must-read!" 


Water Flow Down


"Mr. Poe continues to delight us with wonderful stories set in Texas. The
characters are believable and the story flows well. It is apparent Mr. Poe knows
the places he writes about since they are described perfectly. Another book you
will find very difficult to put down."                

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